My computer’s back from Lenovo—apparently it’s suffered a dead mobo already, wat—fully repaired under warranty. I have a real keyboard again!! I have a lot to say, but suffice that there was/is an Enrique Iglesias dance party in the io tonight, so further updates will have to wait.

Playing Frozen Bubble and 2048
just before bed
fields of colored spheres dancing
painted on the
canvas of mine inner eye
to the right to the left up and diagonal
in step to a theme from the arcade
never ceasing
their purpose clear
becoming one
one sphere to rule them all
a kaleidoscope
a simple life unending
in and out, over and below
always rising, yet
as an escherian ladder
one doubts there really is a top
and what would it mean anyway
if there were an end
or even a clear level-up
when there very clearly
what visions will visit us this night
what order and majesty
for a boy and his canvas of
spheres upon the stars.

If I’m not legally allowed to donate blood as a gay man in the United States, am I also not allowed to have the “donor” tag on my drivers licence? Or is that a separate regulatory framework?

What about transgender women? Gay women don’t have the same restrictions for blood donation. I suspect the intent is biological female vs male in exclusion of intersex and others on the genetic spectrum, but perhaps the law is not specific and just says “men”.

Screw p*nis-envy by straight white homophobic male legislators messing with everything.