Schoko Becher

Heute im Supermarkt fand ich ne Importierte, “Schoko Becher” gennant. Dacht ich (auf Englisch, wär klar auf Deutsch gewesen): Trinkschokolade! Wie deutsch! Ich kauf es und heute Abend einen bechervol als Nachspeise trinken.

Zu hause: Nicht so. Sind genau Becher aus Schokolade gemacht. WAS MACH ICH MIT SCHOKO-GESCHIRR??

Observation reading The Martian

There’s some serious mansplaining and hero worship going on here. Although they’re both maaaaaybe justifiable—Mark’s character is gliding over some fairly nontrivial scientific topics, although certainly isn’t going at all that deep; and solo rugged terrain survival thanks to human ingenuity is pretty much the narrative of.. yea no surprises there—it’s annoying. Not enough to put me off the last hundred pages, but annoying nonetheless.

Today our subject…

  • walked to fetch the mail (didn’t read any of it)
  • boiled chicken and brussel sprouts in red curry stock (do recommend—esp with generous amounts of dried cayenne added to the pot)
  • watched an episode of Parks & Rec and then shut it off b/c the romance scenes are so painfully bad
  • curled up on the couch, turning page after page to hear the adventure of Mark Watney in The Martian
  • occasionally got up to spread peanut butter on crackers and/or make tea, and consume
  • txt’d a few ppl

Probable age of the described person: fourteen Earth years