How disgusting is it that I made myself spicy split-pea wild rice soup for supper when it was near 30ºC today (the soup is actually really tasty to be clear). I hate being sick. Argh. Too tired to care and it’s only 20:32. :grumpily-folds-arms:

Is it possible to OD on Vitamin C? I feel great relative to this morning, after… a lot of Vitamin C (+ rest + fluids + hot baths + nearly an entire roll of toilet paper’s worth of sneezing)….

i. am. so forever angry about how many people think they’re just naturally bad at math. who think just because they weren’t whizzing through their homework in middle school means their brains just weren’t wired for it or something. if you think you simply suck at math, chances are, you:

  • went to a school that had some kind of shitty statewide curriculum that catered to a specific style of learning
  • did not have economically stable science professor parents giving you individualized homework help and validating your success (this was me)
  • did not have teachers telling you from a young age that yes you ARE good at math, wow, you’re so good at math, you should join math club and train for competitions and go to math camp, you should get started right now and take summer classes so you can accelerate, you clever snot-nosed 8 year old white boy you
  • were socialized into believing math was not cool and you shouldn’t want to do it in your free time especially if you were a girl and felt immense pressure to present yourself as feminine/ not nerdy even at age 11 bc your self worth was already inextricably linked to male attention (this was… also me lol)

like, math is easier for some people than others, but honestly society has probably made it harder for you than it actually is.

(see also: why mathematicians need to stop acting like they are savants in a society of idiots. like. i have taught bits and pieces of real analysis to 18 year olds struggling through trigonometry. turns out a lot of it isn’t that fucking hard.)

Source: Tumblr, methemetics

Truth. Quoth my ninth/tenth grade science teacher, Dorothy Larson:

Nothing in the world’s really that hard, David. Not once they tell you how to do it.

(that said—the seeming inability of a lot of people to reason well / with logic is at times maddening, although I certainly don’t think mathematicians are the only people capable of reason)

Last night I had a dream that my ushanka wouldn’t come off my head—it was sentient, had rebelled, and was taking me down. I thought to myself, “I must be dreaming.” And I was. But I couldn’t shake the hat. The floor and walls suddenly disappeared and I began spiralling down a sightless, bottomless chasm. Terrified and not a little woozy from the whirling, I clung to my hat. I wasn’t afraid of dying in the dream—I somehow knew there wasn’t a bottom and I’d be safe. I was however afraid that my inability to feel anything solid meant that in reality I might be sleepwalking and actually falling, experiencing it in slo-mo before a rather rude awakening. After an eternity of groping in the dark, I awoke safely and exactly where I should have been the whole time, with no evidence that I’d ever moved.